Antibacterial Soap for Men – Lavender

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Antibacterial Soap for Men – Lavender – 100g

Gentle exfoliating particles of dried lavender color provide peeling of dead cells and give a beneficial relaxing aroma. A natural formula without preservatives, fully tailored to the needs of the men’s skin.

The Antibacterial Soap for Men – Lavender contains:

  • 9.5 Ph;
  • Dried lavender flowers – appear after washing the first layer of soap and because they are harder, act as a natural exfoliant;
  • Lavender water – has a tonic effect and maintains the fresh appearance of the skin. Prevents drying and gives a unique radiance;
  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil consists of over 90% crude saturated fat – an important and valuable building material for every cell in the human body. Due to its composition, it is easily absorbed by the skin and makes it velvety smooth;
  • Palm oil – unique with its ability to restore and maintain the necessary hydration for healthy, soft, and elastic skin. Palm oil slows down the evaporation of natural hydration and restores the skin’s water balance.

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